Ariel Saldana


    • Urban FT

    • Urban FT
    • Dec 2017present
    • Software Engineer
    • Lead Engineer on the MyCuApp Project
    • Analyzing and taking ownership of the iParse (an anquired company) technology stack. Working with various other developers to implement new features for banks while working on the next iteration of the mobile banking applications.
    • Giift

    • New York, NY
    • Feb 2017Dec 2017
    • Software Engineer
    • Working on bringing Web Technologies up to date. This includes rewriting legacy code using React, Angular, and other modern frameworks.
    • Lead engineer working on building Giift's Giftcard Ordering Platform built with Angular 4 - for retailers & users.
    • Maintaining key products that we can't completely dispose and rewrite as of yet.
    • Urban FT

    • New York, NY
    • March 2015Feb 2017
    • Software Engineer
    • Worked with both the Marketing and Product team to understand software and product requirement.
    • Work in SCRUM team to develop core Urban FT platform API.
    • Lead developer of the "WorkShop" Project as well as the Marketing Websites.
    • Urban FT

    • New York, NY
    • November 2014Feb 2015
    • Intern
    • Worked on developing a set of APIs and algorithms to aggregate venue information from multiple sources & API Sign up process.
    • Digital Ocean

    • New York, NY
    • July 2013September 2013
    • Intern
    • Consulted on data projects under the name Bit Aesthetics. Built things so cool I wish I could talk about them. (See LinkedIn endorsement.)


    • I use my combined background in data science and software engineering to build platforms and services that deal with massive amounts of data.


      • Java
      • JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular 2, React, JQuery
      • C++
      • Python including the PyData stack: scikit-learn, Pandas, numpy, etc.
      • C#


    • NYU

    • January 2016June 2016
    • New York, NY
    • Computer Science
    • BMCC

    • September 2012June 2013
    • New York, NY
    • Computer Science


Selected Work

    • Palringo Bot

    • March 2014
    • Worked with staff in Palringo LTD to develop chat bots.
    • NYU Robotics research

    • July 2012
    • Summer research Program.
    • Pre College computer science courses

    • December 2011
    • End project to Create a visualization of a sample of ten million friend pairs to construct a world map.

Open Source